An intelligent email reads like a conversation.

Your outreach should feel like an in-person chat. We write cold emails that feel warm.

Why Inbox Ventures exists:

Let's start at 10,000ft — Inbox Ventures exists to put an end to emails that start with, I hope all is well.

Our product is simple, we write emails that book meetings. From Sales and Partnerships, to Customers and Recruiting.

We know how to get them to reply, and we do it for some of the fastest growing startups & unicorns on the planet.

When we do our job, links get clicked, and calendars get filled. Odds are an email we wrote is sitting in your inbox right now.

Trusted by unicorns and startups with $400M+
in funding:

We've methodically built a high-growth client network. Selfishly, Inbox Ventures only works with products we love. Though, we do like to say our sweet spot is B2B SaaS — and anytime after Series A.
We write and operate in stealth-mode. That means we never share who we work with.
We also won't work with your competitors. You're our client, but we function as partners.
At our core, we're copywriters who have a deep understanding for what makes people tick. This is a service that gives your outreach an edge — we call it written emotional intelligence.
We're the on-demand writing resource for high-converting sequences and flows.
Our emails work because we're obsessed with the psychology behind the response.

What kind of results can intelligent email achieve?

Our deliverables are increased opens, responses, and more meetings. It's the byproduct of custom subject lines, cadence, and copy. Now your team can focus on what you hired them to do.
"Not only is Inbox booking meetings... their conversational approach makes our brand look good. They're experts when it comes to writing cold emails.
-VP of Sales | Series C
"I train my team to close deals. We work with Inbox to book our meetings. When they write emails... people listen. They know how to fill a calendar."
-VP of Sales | Series A
Let's imagine what we can do for your venture

Endorsed by the email experts.

Ian Adams
VP of Sales & Marketing
At Yesware, we care about meaningful email outreach. When our customers need help writing a sequence, we send them to Inbox Ventures.

We craft the hello that leads you to a demo.

Inbox Ventures is backed by a human-centered approach, structured to guide your business development efforts. We can improve every email sequence your sales team sends out.

Whether you're a VP of Sales looking to enable your team or a CMO wanting to compliment your growth efforts — we'll draft an outreach strategy that nets new opportunities.
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