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Typical SaaS sales emails

Imagine if email could meet your prospects exactly where they are

Conversational writing is an art. The art of writing like you talk. The goal is to make the person reading your email feel like you're having a conversation, face to face. It builds the connection, brings down their guard, and gives your pitch an opportunity.

Align with their interests

When your target opens an email we've drafted, they will be attracted to the pitch and compelled to read the message. You want them to think they are one of one — not one of many.

Fit to them like a tailored suit

Once we lock in on a target, we connect the proper tone and begin to sketch the styling that will deliver the emotion and response we're after. Our text succeeds because we're maniacally thorough in our research.

If your emails aren't engineered to use psychology & emotion, you're writing in black & white

The words you speak aloud require the same care as those you write. It's not enough to write what you want to say, your words need to be emotionalized and styled.

You're writing for a specific reaction each time you hit send. A monotone message will miss the mark — Inbox Ventures delivers depth to your written voice.

A path to respond

Every message you send should leave a door open for future dialogues.

An introduction that commands attention

When you send an email, you get to be whoever you want to be.

Strong identity

Your narrative should have differentiating character so your digital voice stands out.

What if you could send emails that never cross the spammy line

Prove you're a real human

We write emails that are personable, direct, and use tools like humor and warmth.

The power of being informal

Most narratives are much too formal and decrease trust. Inbox Ventures takes a different approach.
Let's face it, most sales emails lack empathy and warmth. Their robotic tones are met with, "please take me off your list".

Inbox Ventures can move you to a whole other category. One where your reader feels excited to open every new email you send. Our job is to make your message feel exact so your audience can feel unique.

You've done your homework

We write a story for your audience that is clear, researched, and aligned to their interests.

It turns out that email form factor is everything

We have a guiding principle to always use a balanced structure. The focus is to get the reader from A to B with less.

Your pitch will be easily digested and direct in its story. We'll prime the audience to reply into the next step.


The length of your sentences and how you break your paragraphs matter. Structure is your first impression.


Those who speak less influence more. It's the same for email. You shouldn't need to scroll to read a message.


Your words should guide your reader through a flow with deliberate pauses. No different than a real conversation.

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