Startup guy by day, email architect by night

Meet Kevin Greene

Kevin Greene is the mind and voice behind Inbox Ventures. His all-consuming passion is to bring authenticity back to email.

After years working with some of the most dynamic entrepreneurs on the planet, Kevin opened the doors of Inbox Ventures to service high growth companies powered by his innate email acumen.

If you engage with the Inbox Ventures team, chances are you and Kevin will become lifetime friends. Not just because he's an authentic, magnetic guy — but because he will get in the trenches with you and stay up late thinking about how your company can take over the world and make a dent in the universe.

The story of how
we got here

As with every good story, ours begins with a relatable hero
Raised by the startup community, Kevin started his career by joining co-working spaces to be around entrepreneurial energy. He crossed paths with founders who believed in him and took a chance.
That goes through trials and (startup) growth
Finding a home as a serial early employee, Kevin rode start up highs and lows from Cape Cod to Boston, across to LA and down to Chile. He loyally worked with founders, while soaking up their pearls of wisdom.
apps launched
First Employee
Product studio
First Employee
market cap
Startup Alumni
First Business Hire
In each experience to date, his main duty was the steadfast goal to write emails that booked high-profile meetings — whether that was a message to an investor, a potential partner, or a customer. It's perhaps a curious skillset, but email is where Kevin found his niche.
And comes out the other side with a new outlook on the world
Now Kevin has begun his ultimate project to write a new future with his email.

His experience and lessons from some of the best founders led him to an inescapable finding. That email has lost a key human element — authenticity.

He realized that authenticity was his secret weapon all along. It was what he leveraged to get himself and some of the startups he worked for a seat at the table. Today, Inbox Ventures is built to help companies use that same weapon to hack their growth and compound their oppurtunities.

Where we're going next

Inbox Ventures is setting a course to become an international powerhouse in digital communication. After becoming the leader in sales email intelligence, the firm plans to build, invest, and partner with ideas, prototypes, and new forms of dialogue that align with our mission. This starts with tackling the next big frontier — bringing authenticity back into email. There lies the key to a narrative that not only sparks action, but sparks access.
The Future